If you like to go beyond typical tourism and truly get to know a city, then Hi. This is Barcelona is for you.

Our goal is to introduce you to the real Barcelona, in an atypical way.

We are committed to helping you get the absolute most out of your time in our city. While doing so, we hope to stir your curiosity and inspire a new outlook on travel.

How do we do this?

Together with you, we custom-design touring experiences and other activities to fit your particular needs and interests, always bringing you into close contact with Barcelona’s culture, history, architecture, gastronomy… and everyday life. 

Our tours break from tradition; aside from seeing the well-known sights and learning the history, you will also divert from the typical tourist routes to find the city’s most hidden corners and unearth secret gems that have taken our guides years to discover. Their refreshingly frank and witty anecdotes will give you an insightful and authentic perspective on this incredible city.

We offer tours that are dynamic, personal, interactive, and flexible. You will not play “Follow the Leader” behind twenty other tourists while straining to hear your guide; we will eat, drink, laugh, and debate our way through Barcelona together.

Furthermore, we will inform you about current events & festivals, politics, trends, and cultural happenings of the moment.

We go out of our way whenever possible to provide an excellent, personalized service that coincides with your expectations; one we ourselves would love to receive upon tackling a new city. We hope to not only be your guides, but also connect with you on a more personal level, in the time leading up to, during, and after your tours.

You’ll walk away with a feeling of what life in Barcelona is really like, and will have hopefully made a new friend in the process.


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